Native Nebraskans Rotisserie League


The Native Nebraskans Rotisserie Baseball League was founded in 1988. The league was founded by Charter members Pat Erb, Ken Frank and Kent Hofmann (along with Jay Schubert). The first league was actually started in 1987 in Norfolk, NE by myself (Pat Erb), Ken Frank, Kent Hofmann and Chris 'Bean' Slahn. We played two leagues that first year, one was National League only and one was American League only. The following year (1988), Ken Frank, Kent Hofmann and myself were all in college at the University of Nebraska, so we started a new league. This league featured 8 teams, with the original owners being: Pat Erb, Ken Frank, Kent Hofmann, Jay Schubert, Tom Shafer, Phil Tablazon, Phil Seversin and Tim Waller. This league was National League Players only. You can see the final results of this year by following the links on this web page. The following year (1989), we increased the number of teams to 10. Three of the original owners (Phil Seversin, Phil Tablazon and Tim Waller) quit the league, but we brought in 5 new owners. The new owners were: Tom O'Hara, Andy Tingwald, Doug Oldfield, Casey Pinion and Jeff Koch. In 1990, Bruce O'Neel took over the 10th team for Tom Shafer. In 1991, Casey Pinion quit the league after 2 years, and Scott Foral joined as the 10th owner. The league stayed static the next year, with no new owners joining.

In 1993, since the National League had undergone an expansion of two new teams (Colorado Rockies and Florida Marlins), we decided to add two new owners to the league as well. This brought the total number of teams to twelve. We also lost two owners who decided to quit the league. Original member Ken Frank and Tom O'Hara decided to go on a hiatus from the league for awhile, but they eventually rejoined the league. The new owners for 1993 were: Sasha Shephard, Robert O'Neel, Chris 'Bean' Slahn (he was one of the 4 original players) and Brian Butler (who was joined by Kent Krause the next year). In 1994, Scott Foral decided he was not doing well enough in the league to continue, so he gave up his ownership to Mike Rappe. Mike Rappe's stay in the league was short lived, he quit after one year. We also lost Sasha Shephard after two years, so in 1995, Ken Frank and Tom O'Hara rejoined the league after a two year sabbatical. Finally, in 1996 we lost another member of the league, Robert O'Neel. He was replaced by the tandem of John Burkholder and Chuck Sorensen to again put us at the proper number of owners.

In 1997 we again had a change in our league structure. The tandem of Kent Krause and Brian Butler left our glorious organization and were replaced by the first Buckeye to grace our league, Tom Barbee. Also, Ken Frank became a dearly departed former owner. Chuck Sorensen decided he didn't like the managerial style of his partner in crime (John Burkholder), so he decided to split off and become a solo owner. He took charge of the team formerly owned by Ken. In 1998, Tom Barbee undertook a new career path that left him with too little time to devote to the league. His team was inherited by two new members, Lew Kramer and Greg Oppat. Andy Tingwald also unfortunatly left our league, and he was replaced by Shane Rhian.

The 1999 season saw no new owners, but the 2000 season saw the magical return of Andy Tingwald, who replaced the owner that replaced him, Shane Rhian. The 2001 season was blessed with no new owners, which had not happened very often.

We are proud to have a league that has played continuous for over 25 years, which is probably one of the oldest and longest current running rotisserie leagues in Nebraska, if not in America. I'm sure there are leagues which have been around longer, but we still like to think we were playing before the game became a well known entity. We first heard about this game in 1987 and started our first league that year. If I'm not mistaken, the founder of Rotisserie baseball started his league around 1982 in the Rotisserie restaurant in New York.

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